As a freelancer or service provider, striking a balance between working in your business and on your business development while also taking good care of yourself and retaining some sense of a personal life can often feel impossible.

In fact, if you are anything like most Millennial freelancers that ditched their corporate boss and 401K for the “freedom” of freelancing, you’re probably pretty frustrated with the lack of freedom you really enjoy.

Sure you can technically set your own hours but sometimes that can be anxiety-inducing in and of itself. When you first start out all you want to do is get to the point where you are booked out but then you realize that is a brutal trap too.

So the question becomes: “How can I scale my freelance business and my revenue without being booked out or even having to work full-time and still have the security of predictable, recurring income?’

The answer to this freelance service-provider conundrum is by converting your bestselling services and your most frequently asked client questions/challenges into high-quality digital products that will:


  1. You can streamline your customer service and provide a better experience that leads to referrals
  2. You can sell those digital products passively at scale leveraging platforms like Pinterest that are full of active shoppers looking for what you offer right now
  3. You can leverage them as your portfolio to showcase your skill/talent to potential clients
  4. You can significantly increase your impact on the world and your legacy
  5. You can monetize every piece of content you have created for your audience so far
  6. You can fill a membership site or specialized client portal to provide more value to your audience base at scale
  7. If you don’t have an audience or authority yet this is a faster path to growth than social media or other popular tactics
  8. You can grow your digital-product-based sales to 5-figures per month to give you the true financial and creative freedom you craved when you first quit your job and stop feeling like you’re lost

By repurposing your bestselling services or even the services you most want to sell right now into digital products, you open up your customer base dramatically and finally free yourself up to focus on what matters most.

So now you’re probably wondering “how do I repurpose my services into digital products?” I think the simplest way to answer that is to show you this list of digital product ideas organized by common freelancer and service provider niches and industries. If you read through the full list (even niches that aren’t yours) you will begin to light up with ideas for your own digital product suite very quickly.

50 Digital Product Ideas for Travel Agents & Travel Content Creators

  1. Comprehensive e-books for popular destinations
  2. Interactive travel apps with local insights
  3. Niche travel guides (e.g., eco-tourism, culinary tours)
  4. City-specific photography spots guides
  5. Adventure travel and safety guides
  6. Customizable travel itinerary templates
  7. Budget planning spreadsheets for travelers
  8. Packing list generators
  9. Travel insurance advice e-books
  10. Road trip planning guides and checklists
  11. Online courses on travel photography/videography
  12. E-books on drone photography in travel
  13. Lightroom presets for travel photography
  14. Video editing tutorials for travel vloggers
  15. Guides on capturing cultural events and festivals
  16. Language learning short courses for travelers
  17. Cultural etiquette guides for various countries
  18. Local slang and phrase e-books
  19. History and cultural insights guides
  20. Audio guides on local traditions and customs
  21. Virtual reality travel experiences
  22. Audio tours of famous landmarks
  23. Online cooking classes featuring international cuisines
  24. Virtual museum and gallery tours
  25. Wildlife and nature exploration webinars
  26. Guides on staying healthy while traveling
  27. E-books on travel yoga and meditation
  28. Courses on mindful travel
  29. Wellness retreat planning guides
  30. Dietary guides for international travelers
  31. Family travel planning e-books
  32. Guides to traveling with pets
  33. Group travel itinerary templates
  34. Tips for educational travel with kids
  35. Senior-friendly travel guides
  36. Solo travel safety guides
  37. Adventure sports and activities e-books
  38. Backpacking and hiking guidebooks
  39. Courses on solo travel preparation
  40. Wilderness survival guides for travelers
  41. Eco-friendly travel guides
  42. Sustainable travel accommodation directories
  43. Carbon footprint calculators for travelers
  44. Guides to volunteering and conservation travel
  45. E-books on responsible wildlife tourism
  46. How-to guides on starting a travel blog
  47. E-books on writing travel content
  48. Courses on monetizing travel blogs
  49. Travel photography and storytelling workshops
  50. Social media strategies for travel influencers

50 Strategic Digital Product Ideas For Weddingpreneurs

  1. Wedding planning e-books for different themes and budgets
  2. Customizable wedding planning checklists and templates
  3. DIY wedding decoration guides with step-by-step instructions
  4. Online photography and videography workshops for wedding professionals
  5. Virtual wedding planning consultation services
  6. Bridal fitness and wellness program courses
  7. E-books on choosing the perfect wedding venue
  8. Guides to sustainable and eco-friendly weddings
  9. Wedding etiquette courses for couples and planners
  10. Social media marketing strategies for wedding businesses
  11. Customizable wedding invitation and program templates
  12. Budget management tools and spreadsheets for wedding planning
  13. Courses on floral arrangement and design for weddings
  14. Wedding vendor negotiation and management e-books
  15. Destination wedding planning guides
  16. Bridal beauty and grooming tutorials and e-books
  17. Wedding day emergency kit checklists
  18. Cultural wedding tradition guides for diverse ceremonies
  19. Wedding photography posing guides and tips
  20. E-books on writing heartfelt vows and speeches
  21. Online courses on bridal fashion and styling
  22. Wedding cake design and baking tutorials
  23. Virtual bridal shower and bachelor(ette) party planning guides
  24. Wedding music playlists and DJing tips
  25. Guides on managing wedding day stress and anxiety
  26. Honeymoon planning and travel guides
  27. Workshops on creating memorable wedding videos
  28. E-books on starting a wedding planning business
  29. Templates for wedding day timelines and schedules
  30. Courses on effective communication for couples and wedding planners
  31. Wedding photography editing and retouching tutorials
  32. Guidebooks on unique wedding favors and gifts
  33. Wedding officiant training and certification courses
  34. Bridal party coordination and management e-books
  35. Interactive apps for wedding guest management
  36. Wedding budget calculators and financial planning tools
  37. E-books on navigating family dynamics in wedding planning
  38. Courses on modern wedding trends and innovations
  39. Wedding day yoga and relaxation audio guides
  40. Guides to writing and publishing wedding-related articles and blogs
  41. Online courses for aspiring wedding calligraphers
  42. Wedding catering and menu planning e-books
  43. Virtual workshops on wedding photography business management
  44. Bridal makeup and hair styling video tutorials
  45. E-books on creating a successful wedding vendor network
  46. Wedding day coordination and troubleshooting guides
  47. Courses on building a portfolio for wedding professionals
  48. E-books on integrating technology into modern weddings
  49. Wedding-themed graphic design templates
  50. Guides to creating and selling wedding-related crafts and products

100 Aligned Digital Product Ideas For Spiritual Freelancers and Service Providers

  1. Guided Meditation Series for Beginners
  2. Advanced Meditation Techniques E-book
  3. Yoga Poses and Sequences Video Course
  4. Chakra Balancing and Healing Guide
  5. Tarot Reading for Beginners Online Course
  6. Astrology and Birth Chart Analysis E-book
  7. Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Workbook
  8. Crystal Healing Comprehensive Guide
  9. Reiki Level 1 and 2 Certification Course
  10. Spiritual Journaling Prompts E-book
  11. Numerology and Life Path Analysis Guide
  12. Aura Reading and Energy Work Course
  13. Holistic Nutrition Plan for Spiritual Wellness
  14. Herbal Remedies and Natural Healing E-book
  15. Feng Shui Your Home Guide
  16. Shamanic Journeying and Practices Course
  17. Sound Healing and Therapy Techniques Guide
  18. Spiritual Entrepreneurship: Starting Your Business E-book
  19. Mindful Parenting in the Modern World Course
  20. Sacred Geometry Art and Design Workshop
  21. Kundalini Yoga Practices and Techniques E-book
  22. Essential Oils for Spiritual Practices Guide
  23. Past Life Regression Hypnosis Course
  24. Angel Communication and Guidance E-book
  25. Spiritual Retreat Planning Toolkit
  26. Buddhist Teachings and Philosophy Course
  27. Candle Magic and Rituals Guide
  28. Spiritual Awakening and Growth Workbook
  29. Yoga Nidra Guided Sessions Series
  30. Wicca and Pagan Practices for Beginners E-book
  31. Qigong Exercises for Energy and Balance Video Course
  32. Mantra and Chanting Techniques Guide
  33. Spiritual Podcasting: Creation and Growth E-book
  34. Energy Protection and Grounding Techniques Course
  35. Tea Leaf Reading and Divination Guide
  36. Creating Sacred Spaces in Your Home E-book
  37. Spiritual Blogging: Content and Monetization Strategies
  38. Vedic Astrology Fundamentals Course
  39. Animal Totems and Spirit Guides E-book
  40. Mindful Movement and Dance Therapy Workshop
  41. Breathwork Techniques for Relaxation and Clarity Guide
  42. Labyrinth Walking Meditation Course
  43. Goddess Archetypes and Feminine Energy E-book
  44. Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy Techniques
  45. Intuitive Painting and Art Therapy Workshop
  46. Runes Reading and Interpretation Course
  47. Dream Interpretation and Analysis E-book
  48. Spiritual Life Coaching Certification Program
  49. Yin Yoga for Deep Relaxation Video Series
  50. Celtic Spirituality and Mythology Guide
  51. Pranayama Breathing Techniques for Energy Boost E-book
  52. Creating and Using Prayer Beads Course
  53. Mindful Eating for Spiritual Health Guide
  54. Tantra Yoga and Sacred Sexuality E-book
  55. Spiritual Book Club Discussion Guides
  56. Native American Spirituality and Practices Course
  57. Kabbalah Mystical Teachings E-book
  58. Zen Gardening and Mindful Living Guide
  59. Spiritual Photography: Capturing the Divine Workshop
  60. Akashic Records Reading and Understanding Course
  61. Yoga Therapy for Emotional Healing E-book
  62. Sufi Mysticism and Whirling Meditation Guide
  63. Spiritual Travel: Pilgrimage Planning E-book
  64. Bach Flower Remedies for Emotional Balance Course
  65. Lunar Cycles and Rituals Guide
  66. Ayurveda Basics and Lifestyle E-book
  67. Meditative Drawing and Zentangle Art Course
  68. Spiritual Leadership and Community Building Workshop
  69. Mindful Communication Techniques E-book
  70. Taoist Philosophy and Practices Guide
  71. Ecstatic Dance and Movement Therapy Course
  72. Spiritual Autobiography Writing Workshop
  73. I Ching: The Book of Changes Interpretation Guide
  74. Gong Sound Bath Meditation Series
  75. Oracle Card Reading and Deck Creation E-book
  76. Mystical Poetry and Writing for the Soul Course
  77. Spiritual Branding and Marketing for Healers Guide
  78. Vision Quest Planning and Preparation E-book
  79. Karma Cleansing and Spiritual Healing Workshop
  80. Bhakti Yoga: The Path of Devotion Course
  81. Creating Your Own Spiritual Rituals Guide
  82. Mala Making and Mantra Meditation E-book
  83. Spiritual Vlogging: Sharing Your Journey Online Course
  84. Mindful Gardening for Spiritual Growth Guide
  85. Sanskrit for Yoga Practitioners E-book
  86. Spiritual Detox and Cleansing Practices Course
  87. Divine Feminine Empowerment Workshop
  88. Cacao Ceremony Guide and Rituals E-book
  89. Spiritual Ethics and Living with Integrity Course
  90. Mystical Moon Workshops and Guides
  91. Chanting and Sacred Music Creation E-book
  92. Spiritual Filmmaking: Documenting the Divine Course
  93. Mindful Leadership in the Workplace Guide
  94. Spiritual Art Therapy and Healing Workshop
  95. Yoga for Children: Teaching Mindfulness and Movement E-book
  96. Spiritual Book Writing and Publishing Course
  97. Creating Digital Altars and Sacred Online Spaces Guide
  98. Spiritual Networking and Community Engagement E-book
  99. Holotropic Breathwork and Transpersonal Psychology Course
  100. Mystical Travel Writing: Sharing Sacred Journeys Workshop

50 B2b Marketing Industry Ideas for Digital Products

  1. E-books on Advanced B2B Marketing Strategies
  2. Copywriting Templates for B2B Communications
  3. Social Media Strategy Courses for B2B Markets
  4. B2B Blogging Workshops: Content Creation to Conversion
  5. Email Marketing Automation Guides for B2B Campaigns
  6. LinkedIn Marketing Masterclass for B2B Growth
  7. SEO Strategies for B2B Websites E-book
  8. B2B Sales Funnel Creation and Optimization Course
  9. Video Marketing in B2B: Tutorials and Strategies
  10. B2B Branding and Positioning Guides
  11. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Strategies E-book
  12. B2B Lead Generation and Nurturing Workshops
  13. Content Marketing ROI Calculation Tools and Templates
  14. B2B Customer Persona Development Guide
  15. B2B Marketing Analytics and Reporting E-book
  16. Podcasting for B2B Marketing Course
  17. B2B Event Marketing and Webinar Planning Guides
  18. Influencer Marketing in B2B: Strategies and Best Practices
  19. B2B Marketing for Startups: Comprehensive E-book
  20. B2B Digital Advertising: PPC and Display Ads Course
  21. B2B Content Syndication and Distribution Strategies
  22. B2B Marketing Budget Planning and Management Tools
  23. B2B Crisis Communication and PR Guides
  24. B2B Marketing Compliance and Legal Considerations E-book
  25. B2B Marketing for Tech Companies: Specialized Strategies
  26. B2B Social Selling and LinkedIn Outreach Course
  27. B2B Marketing for SaaS: Strategies and Tactics E-book
  28. B2B Mobile Marketing Techniques and Trends
  29. B2B Marketing Automation Platforms: A Comprehensive Guide
  30. B2B UX/UI Design Best Practices for Marketers
  31. B2B Content Curation and Aggregation Techniques
  32. B2B Marketing in the Healthcare Industry E-book
  33. B2B Marketing for Manufacturing Companies Course
  34. B2B Marketing KPIs and Metrics: Tracking Success Guide
  35. B2B Marketing for Professional Services: Strategies E-book
  36. B2B E-commerce Marketing Tactics and Strategies
  37. B2B Marketing in the Financial Services Industry Course
  38. B2B Marketing for Nonprofits: Unique Challenges and Solutions
  39. B2B Marketing in the Education Sector: Tactics and Trends
  40. B2B Marketing for Renewable Energy and Sustainability
  41. B2B Marketing for the Construction Industry E-book
  42. B2B Marketing for the Legal Sector: Strategies and Ethics
  43. B2B Marketing for the Food and Beverage Industry
  44. B2B Marketing for the Fashion Industry: Trends and Tactics
  45. B2B Marketing for the Automotive Industry E-book
  46. B2B Marketing for the Travel and Hospitality Sector
  47. B2B Marketing for the Real Estate Industry
  48. B2B Marketing for the Entertainment and Media Industry
  49. B2B Marketing for the Retail Industry: Strategies and Insights
  50. B2B Marketing for the Agricultural Sector: A Comprehensive Guide

50 Strategic Digital Product Ideas For Savvy Virtual Assistants To Wow Clients

  1. Time Management E-book: ‘Mastering Productivity for VAs’
  2. Client Onboarding Checklist Template
  3. Advanced VA Skills Online Course
  4. Project Management Digital Toolkit for VAs
  5. VA Branding and Marketing Guide E-book
  6. Email Management Strategy Course for VAs
  7. Social Media Management Templates Pack
  8. Financial Management Tools and Spreadsheet Templates for Freelance VAs
  9. Customer Service Excellence Online Training for VAs
  10. Data Management Best Practices E-book
  11. Virtual Event Planning Guide and Checklist
  12. Travel Arrangement Templates and Resource Guide for VAs
  13. Graphic Design Basics Online Course for VAs
  14. Website Management and Coding Basics E-book for VAs
  15. SEO and Digital Marketing Skills Course for Virtual Assistants
  16. Legal and Ethical Guidelines E-book for Virtual Assistants
  17. Health and Wellness Program for Remote Workers
  18. Virtual Networking Strategies E-book for VAs
  19. E-commerce Management Course for Virtual Assistants
  20. Bookkeeping Basics Online Course for VAs
  21. CRM Systems Training Course for Virtual Assistants
  22. Content Writing and Blogging Guide for VAs
  23. Advanced Excel Skills Online Workshop for VAs
  24. Cybersecurity Basics E-book for Virtual Assistants
  25. Language Skills Development Course for Virtual Assistants
  26. Personal Assistant Skills and Etiquette Guide E-book
  27. Task Automation and Workflow Optimization Toolkit for VAs
  28. Virtual Team Leadership Online Course
  29. Proposal and Pitch Creation Template Pack for VAs
  30. Conflict Resolution Skills Online Course for Virtual Assistants
  31. Cloud Computing and Collaboration Tools Guide for VAs
  32. Video Editing Basics Course for Virtual Assistants
  33. Podcast Management and Production Guide for VAs
  34. VA Contract Templates and Legal Guide E-book
  35. Stress Management and Mindfulness Guide for Remote Workers
  36. Digital Marketing Analytics Course for Virtual Assistants
  37. VA Portfolio Building Online Workshop
  38. Remote Work Ergonomics and Setup Guide E-book
  39. Customer Relationship Building Strategies Course for VAs
  40. Lead Magnet Creation Guide for Virtual Assistants
  41. Virtual Assistant Business Plan Template
  42. Time-Tracking and Invoicing Software Guide for VAs
  43. Social Media Analytics and Reporting Toolkit for VAs
  44. Email Newsletter Design Templates for Virtual Assistants
  45. Virtual Assistant Service Packages Guide E-book
  46. SEO Optimization Tools and Techniques Course for VAs
  47. Client Testimonial and Case Study Template Pack
  48. Virtual Assistant Networking Event Planning Guide
  49. Productivity Apps and Tools Review Guide for VAs
  50. Virtual Assistant Membership Site Blueprint

50 Simple Digital Product Ideas For Freelance Photographers To Scale Sustainably

  1. Photography Basics E-book for Beginners
  2. Advanced Photography Techniques Online Course
  3. Lightroom Preset Collections
  4. Photoshop Tutorial Series
  5. Wedding Photography Guide E-book
  6. Landscape Photography Online Workshop
  7. Portrait Photography Pose Guide
  8. Photography Business Branding Kit
  9. Stock Photography Selling Guide
  10. Drone Photography and Videography Course
  11. Travel Photography E-book
  12. Newborn and Maternity Photography Guide
  13. Food Photography and Styling Online Course
  14. Sports Photography Tips and Techniques E-book
  15. Real Estate Photography Tutorial Series
  16. Fashion Photography Workshop
  17. Nature and Wildlife Photography Guide
  18. Photography Lighting Techniques Course
  19. Photo Editing for Social Media E-book
  20. Concert and Event Photography Online Guide
  21. Macro Photography Tutorial Series
  22. Street Photography E-book
  23. Photography Portfolio Building Course
  24. Mobile Photography Tips and Tricks Guide
  25. Underwater Photography Workshop
  26. Astrophotography Guide E-book
  27. Photography Business Plan Template
  28. Photography Contract Templates Pack
  29. Time-Lapse Photography Online Course
  30. Black and White Photography Techniques E-book
  31. Photography Marketing Strategies Guide
  32. Photography Pricing Calculator Tool
  33. Client Communication Templates for Photographers
  34. Photography Project Proposal Template
  35. Photography SEO and Online Visibility E-book
  36. Photography Social Media Content Calendar
  37. Photography Newsletter Templates
  38. Photography Branding and Logo Design Course
  39. Photography Studio Setup Guide
  40. Photography Equipment Rental Business E-book
  41. Photography Editing Workflow Efficiency Course
  42. Photography Networking and Collaboration Guide
  43. Photography Exhibition Planning E-book
  44. Photography Critique and Feedback Templates
  45. Photography Mentorship Program Blueprint
  46. Photography Contest and Challenge Guide
  47. Photography for Bloggers E-book
  48. Photography Copyright and Legal Guide
  49. Photography Business Insurance Guide
  50. Photography Client Onboarding Checklist

50 Smart Digital Products Graphic Designers Should Add To Their Arsenal To Diversify Revenue

  1. Logo Design Templates Pack
  2. Social Media Graphics Toolkit
  3. UI/UX Design Online Mini-Course
  4. Brand Identity Design Workshop
  5. Infographic Templates Collection
  6. Typography Basics and Font Pairing Guide
  7. Printable Wall Art Designs
  8. Business Card Design Templates
  9. Digital Illustration Tutorial Series
  10. Web Design Wireframe Templates
  11. Packaging Design Mockup Toolkit
  12. T-shirt Design Templates and Mockups
  13. Email Newsletter Design Templates
  14. Icon Set Collections for Various Niches
  15. Photoshop Actions and Brushes Set
  16. Canva Template Bundles for Non-Designers
  17. Designing for Accessibility Guide
  18. Color Theory and Usage E-book
  19. Motion Graphics Basics Online Course
  20. Design Portfolio Building Mini-Course
  21. Creative Resume Templates Pack
  22. Children’s Book Illustration Workshop
  23. Designing Effective Presentations E-book
  24. Environmental Graphics and Signage Design Guide
  25. Digital Sticker Packs for Planners
  26. Custom Fonts Creation Mini-Course
  27. Designing for Print vs. Digital Guide
  28. Landing Page Design Templates
  29. Designing for Social Media Ads Workshop
  30. E-commerce Product Display Design Guide
  31. Vector Graphics and Assets Collection
  32. Design Project Proposal Templates
  33. Graphic Design Pricing Calculator Tool
  34. Design Client Onboarding Checklist
  35. Freelance Graphic Designer’s Business Kit
  36. Designing for Merchandise E-book
  37. Creative Design Challenges and Prompts E-book
  38. Graphic Design Contract Templates
  39. Design Critique and Feedback Forms
  40. Graphic Design Trends Analysis Report
  41. Design-Themed Coloring Books
  42. Graphic Design for Beginners E-book
  43. Designing Infoproducts Workshop
  44. Graphic Design Marketing Strategies Guide
  45. Interactive Design Process Map
  46. Designing for Augmented Reality Basics Course
  47. Graphic Design Time Management Tools
  48. Designing for Nonprofits E-book
  49. Digital Scrapbooking Kit
  50. Graphic Design Business Plan Template

100 Savvy Digital Product Ideas For Ambitious Event Coordinators Ready To Level Up

  1. Event Planning Starter Kit: Checklists and Templates
  2. Virtual Event Management Online Course
  3. Wedding Planning E-book Series
  4. Corporate Event Planning Guide
  5. Fundraising Event Toolkit
  6. Event Marketing Strategies E-book
  7. Conference Planning and Coordination Workshop
  8. Event Sponsorship Proposal Templates
  9. Festival Planning and Management Course
  10. Event Budgeting and Financial Management Tools
  11. Event Design and Decor Ideas E-book
  12. Catering and Menu Planning Guide for Events
  13. Event Photography and Videography Tips Guide
  14. Event Technology and Software Guide
  15. Networking Event Planning E-book
  16. Event Safety and Security Planning Toolkit
  17. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Event Guide
  18. Event Venue Selection and Negotiation Strategies
  19. Event Entertainment and Activities Ideas E-book
  20. Event Registration and Ticketing System Guide
  21. Trade Show Planning and Execution Course
  22. Event Evaluation and Feedback Forms Template
  23. Event Branding and Promotion Strategies Workshop
  24. Event Accessibility and Inclusivity Guide
  25. Event Lighting and Audio-Visual Setup E-book
  26. Event Project Management Software Guide
  27. Children’s Party Planning E-book
  28. Sports Event Management and Coordination Course
  29. Event Risk Management and Contingency Planning Guide
  30. Cultural and Community Event Planning Toolkit
  31. Event Staff Training and Management Guide
  32. Event Catering and Food Service Management E-book
  33. Event Social Media Marketing Strategies Course
  34. Event Sponsorship Acquisition and Management Guide
  35. Event Legal Considerations and Compliance E-book
  36. Event Attendee Experience Enhancement Strategies
  37. Event Swag and Merchandise Planning Guide
  38. Event Seating Arrangement and Layout Tools
  39. Event Public Relations and Media Outreach E-book
  40. Event Waste Management and Recycling Guide
  41. Event Volunteer Coordination and Training Toolkit
  42. Event Photography and Video Production Course
  43. Event Decoration and Theme Design Workshop
  44. Event Contract and Agreement Templates
  45. Event Crisis Communication Plan Template
  46. Event Fundraising and Donation Strategies E-book
  47. Event Mobile App Development Guide
  48. Event Networking and Matchmaking Strategies Course
  49. Event Signage and Branding Design Toolkit
  50. Event Hospitality and Guest Services Guide
  51. DIY Event Planning E-book for Small Businesses
  52. Event Networking Icebreaker Activities Guide
  53. Themed Party Planning E-book Series
  54. Event Photography Style and Shot List Template
  55. Charity and Nonprofit Event Planning Toolkit
  56. Event Feedback and Survey Analysis Course
  57. Event Coordinator’s Time Management Tools
  58. Cultural Event Planning and Execution Guide
  59. Event Planning Legal Checklist E-book
  60. Event Coordinator’s Guide to Managing Multiple Events
  61. Event Sponsorship Success Stories and Case Studies E-book
  62. Event Planning Business Branding Kit
  63. Event Budget Optimization Strategies Course
  64. Event Guest List Management Software Guide
  65. Event Planning for Beginners: Step-by-Step Guide E-book
  66. Event Upselling Techniques and Strategies Workshop
  67. Event Coordinator’s Social Media Content Calendar
  68. Event Planning Industry Trends and Insights Report
  69. Event Merchandising and Branding Ideas Toolkit
  70. Event Coordinator’s Guide to Building a Portfolio
  71. Event Planning Ethics and Best Practices E-book
  72. Event Security and Crowd Control Training Course
  73. Event Planning Career Development Guide
  74. Event Coordinator’s Networking and Relationship Building E-book
  75. Event Planning for Schools and Educational Institutions Guide
  76. Event Waste Reduction and Sustainability Workshop
  77. Event Planning Contract Negotiation Techniques E-book
  78. Event Coordinator’s Guide to Creative Problem Solving
  79. Event Planning for Music and Arts Festivals Course
  80. Event Accessibility and Special Needs Planning Toolkit
  81. Event Planning for Health and Wellness Retreats E-book
  82. Event Technology Trends and Innovations Report
  83. Event Planning for Government and Civic Events Guide
  84. Event Planning in the Digital Age Course
  85. Event Coordinator’s Guide to Vendor Management
  86. Event Planning for Fashion Shows E-book
  87. Event Planning Risk Assessment and Management Toolkit
  88. Event Coordinator’s Guide to Effective Communication
  89. Event Planning for Religious and Spiritual Gatherings E-book
  90. Event Planning for Corporate Retreats and Team Building Guide
  91. Event Coordinator’s Guide to Marketing and Advertising
  92. Event Planning for Product Launches and Brand Activations E-book
  93. Event Planning for Holiday Parties and Seasonal Events Guide
  94. Event Coordinator’s Guide to Client Relationship Management
  95. Event Planning for Galas and Formal Affairs E-book
  96. Event Planning for Outdoor and Adventure Activities Guide
  97. Event Coordinator’s Guide to Innovative Event Experiences
  98. Event Planning for Creative and Artistic Events E-book
  99. Event Planning for Unique and Unconventional Venues Guide
  100. Event Coordinator’s Guide to Collaborative Event Design

I hope that this list has made it crystal clear that it isn’t just possible to convert your most popular freelance services into digital products but that it is necessary if you want to scale your revenue. There are only so many hours in the day which means you can’t succeed on selling your time alone. You have to get paid for what you know rather than just what you do and if you truly want to be the best at what you do, don’t you think having financial security will dramatically improve the way you show up for work?

If you’re wondering how to go about the actual process of converting these digital products, building out your strategic digital offer suire as an already overwhelmed freelancer and stepping into a more sustainable business model, I’ve created something really special for you: Introducing The Secret Society of Femme Fatale Freelancers.