My Favorite Resources For Coaches and Freelance Service Providers

Legal & Finance

A few of the links on this page are affiliate links that will pay me a modest commission if you purchase but most of these are unpaid referrals and all of them are based on a track record of positive results & experiences.

Meet Amy Nesheim | Artful Contracts

She Takes The Chaos Out Of Legal For Creatives and Freelancers

Amy is nothing short of amazing! She brings the overwhelming legal jargon down to our level and allows us to cover our assets (especially content and services) without all the guesswork and insecurity. I can’t over-recommend using her and her templates to protect yourself and your work.

Kristin Delfau, EA | Her Money Solutions

She Will Fix Your Finances Without The Shame

I met Kristin after hearing her speak at a women’s conference and was blown away by her approach to shame-free financial advice that anyone can understand. Since then, I’ve grown to deeply respect her as a woman and her expertise and I can’t imagine a better woman to work with for financial independence. I’m beyond proud to refer you to Kristin and all she offers but she sells out fast so make sure you get on her email list!

Websites & Traffic

Meet Neta Talmore | No Hassle Websites

She Takes The Guesswork Out Of WordPress

It is impossible to overstate the value gained from working with Neta and the No Hassle Team. They provide the most heartfelt and prompt website development and customer service out there and never make shame or blame part of the Word Press game. Take advantage of everything she has to offer – I always do! In fact, this website is hosted by Neta and built on her Conversion Blueprint Funnels Platform. Did I mention its all ridiculously affordable too?!

Tarin LaRoux | Swish Social Co.

She Will Promote Your Evergreen Offers To Active Buyers On Pinterest

Get ready to fall in love with the always approachable Tarin LaRoux as she guides you through the process of driving heaps of targeted traffic to your offers via Pinterest. Pinterest is NOT social media but rather a visual shopping and research platform with millions of high-intent buyers every day and my girl Tarin will help you capture the best leads passively!