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A Digital Product Designer for Coaches, Freelancers & Membership Site Owners & I Am Determined To Scale Your Signature Offer Suite With Soul.

Need Help Scaling Your Offer Suite?

Can You Imagine Selling Out Every Offer You Create?

Nothing breaks your heart quite like spending months to create something and launch it to crickets. Am I right? I never want you to experience that pain again so I carefully crafted this Siren’s Soft Selling Scripts Kit to help my Digital Product Design clients pre-sell the Bundles I create for them but now for a limited time, I’m gifting you FREE access as well! But you have to hurry because it won’t be free for long!

Ready To Get Strategic About Selling Your Expertise?

The first step for many hugely succesful coaches and freelancers isn’t to create and entire offer suite…it’s to launch that first rockstar course! But when it comes to creating it in an organized and logical way that keeps your audience invested for the long haul? Easier said than done! And you can’t rely on Chat GPT to sound like you without at least first giving it content in your own words for it to work with. So I bottled my decade of ghostwriting courses and content marketing to walk you through the process in a delicious printable planner.

Coming Spring 2024

They Call Me

The Siren Of Signature Offer Suites

Unlock A Treasure Chest Of Potential Profits

There’s no denying your brilliance and talent but let’s be honest…

Unless you have a thriving digital product suite filled with offers your clients are desperate for, you’re working harder than you have to & wasting precious time every day.

If you’re anything like my clients, the reality is you don’t have the capacity and capabilities to consistently churn out 5-star products that attract repeat buyers.

That’s where I come in!

I’ve spent the last decade fine-tuning my skills like copywriting, content strategy and graphic design to develop stunning and decadent digital products that make my clients and their customers swoon. The idea is simple, I convert your best-performing services and existing content into decadent digital products that immediately create recurring passive revenue.

Imagine A Streamlined Offer Suite That Scales Your Recurring Revenue In Your Sleep…

If you’re anything like most service providers and membership owners, you’re looking for more revenue right now but don’t have the time it takes to elevate your offer suite. So instead of spinning your wheels, what if you hired me to create transformative digital product bundles that enchant your audience for you?

Picture this:

Pure Quality: My creations aren’t just products; they’re works of art. They’re crafted to perfection and designed to make your clients’ hearts skip a beat.

Time Freedom: Say adios to those endless hours spent in the digital sweatshop! With me by your side, you’ll have time for what truly sets your soul on fire.

Customer Love Affair: My digital product bundles have a knack for turning one-time buyers into loyal fans who keep coming back for more. No more chasing leads; they’ll be chasing you!

Shop Journals & Planners On Sale This Month

The Strategic Course Creation Planner


Plan out your course roadmap & create evergreen courses to replace or upsell your 1X1 services. Simply follow this streamlined process to create your course without the months of chaos.

The Strategic Course launch Planner


Get your course ready for the spotlight with this streamlined launch planner designed to eliminate the anxiety and guesswork that usually comes with launching a course.

The Inner Odyssey Journal for Creatives


Feel like you’re just going through the motions of life and business lately? This 73 page guided journal for creatives stuck in a rut will allow you to form a deeper connection with yourself to nourish your creative confidence.

Showcase Your Brilliance Planner for Solopreneurs


Whether you are starting a new business or pivoting your existing one, this planner will gracefully guide you through the process of extracting the right messaging to position yourself as the right fit for your ideal clients.

The Seductive Storyteller Novel Writing Planner


Not only will this comprehensive planner keep you motivated and organized throughout the entire writing process but it will give you confidence and save you valuable time so you aren’t constantly second-guessing what you’re writing.

The Freelancer’s Purpose, Passion & Persistence Journal


Struggling to commit to your freelance goals and stay consistent? This journal will uncover your blind spots in business while cultivating the confidence you need to scale your freelance business in a sustainable way.

Finding My True North 90-Day Journal


Through Daily Prompts, Reflective Activities, and a Self-Accountability Tracker, this 90-day journal is designed to guide you toward a deeper, more fulfilling understanding of yourself. Perfect for recovering from comparing yourself to competitors!

The Reflection & Reconnection Inner Child Journal


When you depend on your creative skillset to pay your bills you can’t afford to let your creativity dull. Use this journal to access your inner child and expand your creativity in playful ways you’ve never imagined.

Client Outcome Sales Formula


Frustrated with stagnant sales? Worried you’ll waste time creating offers that will never sell? Leverage these sales worksheets to take your digital product suite from cold-to-sold with the prowess of a Femme Fatale Freelancer.

Your Year In Review Reflection Journal


Start off the New Year with a sense of pride and power with the Your Year In Review Journal! This is the perfect prew-work for writing your annual business plan and making the most of every win from the past 12 months growing your freelance business.

Dreams to Diamonds Bundle


Transform your brightest aspirations into achievements with this annual business planning bundle designed to help you create a longterm plan for growth following an immersive storyline following a Sage Dreamer from our Secret Society Saga.

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Scale Your Signature Offer Suite With Soul

Vision & Validation

I don’t believe in creating products just for the sake of having more stuff to sell. Therefore, all of the digital products and bundles we create together will be purpose-based and passion-laced! Every planner, course, and worksheet is designed to anchor and secure your brand by facilitating transformations. In the first phase, we will solidify the vision & concept of your products & the transformation they will provide.

Curated & Crafted

Now, it’s time to create, crafting your vision into a captivating masterpiece. From design to content, every element receives meticulous attention. This phase is where the magic of creation unfolds, making your product irresistible, much like the siren’s serenade. Meanwhile, you will already be pre-selling the product with the Preselling Magic Kit (my gift to you) and building up hype so that it becomes an instant bestseller from day one.


Profits & Promotion

Once you’ve fallen hard for your new products, I’ll design mesmerizing mockups and Delivery PDFs that take your customer service and conversion rates to a whole other level. Now you’re ready to unleash the magic of your new offer by rolling it out to your waitlist and immediately start profiting off of all of my hard work! I can even create epic evergreen blog funnels for you to promote every product with even more power.

I Must Confess…

I was once terrified of building my offer suite because I thought it meant my clients wouldn’t need me anymore…

Turns out…Not only does an Offer Suite make running a service-based business about a thousand times easier but it can really save your ass in some common situations we services providers face. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this post!


Testimonials from my Clients & Customers

Terrified of Confrontation?

You’re not alone, Sister!

I used to completely crumble when it came to confronting clients. So much so that I allowed them to steal 6-figures worth of services from me in the beginning of my freelancing career. I can’t bare to see you suffer the way I did so I created the Siren’s Confrontation Companion to help you Embrace & Resolve these Challenges with Confidence.

Charge $1K Per Day Freelance Blogging…

Power & Prose VIP Day Kit for Freelance Bloggers

Give yourself an instant raise as a freelance blogger with this comprehensive kit designed to help you pre-sell, brand, market and deliver a flawless VIP Day. Scripts, templates. roadmap and a Trello Board template eliminate all the guesswork to getting paid $1K+ per day freelancing.

My Signature Programs

Waitlist Only

The Secret Society of Femme Fatale Freelancers


The Premium Strategic Annual Coaching Membership for women ready to scale their freelance business and live up to their potential. Leveraging my experience, done for you library of templates, referral network and my Signature Divine Feminine Self Management Systems, you’re finally going to be free to create your legacy.


The Secret Garden of Femme Fatale

Sales Funnels


Imagine cultivating a garden of pre-built sales funnels that strategically grow together to give you a sustainable business that no longer requires you to trade all of your time for money. If you have a Signature Offer Suite or digital product store, the Secret Garden of Femme Fatale Sales Funnels is all you will need to flourish.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What kind of digital products can you create for creatives, freelancers, and service-providers?

A: You mean aside from the sold-out kind? Just kidding ; ) Honestly, I feel like the sky is the limit when it comes to what I can create for you. From digital planners to courses and interactive no-cost dashboards and roadmaps built in Google Sheets I can design it all.

Q: The products on your website are so whimsical. Do you only design products that look like they were made from a fairytale?

A: Absolutely not! The products and design aesthetic I use in my branding are for me and my clients not for yours. When you partner with me to scale your offer suite, we will agree on the branding and aesthetic and even the theme or story if you want one in advance. Nothing is created before there are sales from the pre-selling kit I give you and you’re head over heels for the brand/board.

Q: Do you offer sales pages and sales funnels as a service as well?

A: I am available for both for clients also partnering with me on their offer suite but I am also developing templates and additional solutions for my clients to support them in selling out every offer before I begin the heavy lifting for you.

Q: Do you provide the content or will I provide it and you just design it? How do I know it will sound like me?

A: That depends and is mostly up to you. I will be using your best-performing existing content regardless to help shape the tone and direction of the products. However, since I also have an extensive background and a decade of experience in premium content development and strategy I can also roll up my sleeves to help you develop the core content of the product.

Q: Do you collaborate with brands, influencers, coaches, and competitors?

A: Well duh you silly pants! I know, like you do, that the best way to spread any message is to embrace competitors as collaborators to create a more cohesive offer and comprehensive experience for our shared customer. It’s no traffic secret these days that when we team up to create something that encompasses the best of what we both bring to the table that everybody wins and I think the world needs a few more Win-Win-Win situations don’t you?

Q: What does my Wild Woman archetype have to do with building my B2B business and why is it so vital to scaling without the burnout?

A: Your archetype is going to tell us both everything we need to know about why your life has turned out this way so far, why you do the things you do, why you make the choices that you do in life and business, and what stories are influencing your decisions on a completely unconscious level. This practice of getting to know ourselves on an intimate and honest level allows us to break through new levels of personal development, growth, creativity and joy. It also tells us exactly how, when, and why you’re going to get in your own way when trying to scale so we can get ahead of and prevent it from happening. Head to the blog where you can learn more about how to embody each of the four Wild Woman archetypes of Jungian Psychology to scale a creative B2B business with pure bliss.

Q: How do I know If I am ready to scale my creative service-based business without burning out?

A: The best time to safe-guard yourself against burnout is long before it sets in but we don’t always have that luxury. In my experience, when you find yourself putting more value on time, energy and attention than money and you’re essentially losing money by NOT offering a more approachable solution like digital products, you’re past the point of ready.

Q: Will you speak to my audience about your story and what it takes to scale a creative-based venture with soul, sirenity, and synchronicity so that you know you’re on the right path at all times?

A: Do you have a mastermind, podcast, YouTube channel or event coming up and you’re struggling to find a fresh voice with no BS? Hell yeah I love to spread whimsy and wonder by teaching women all over the world how to turn toward their intuition for inspiration, freedom, and security because I believe we are the strongest beings alive when we wake up to our inner power. I am an open book when it comes to collaboration and speaking opportunities so send me your pitch and your budget and let’s make your next event even more magical than your guests knew it could be!