Looking for a business model that will give you Longevity, Liberation, Leverage and Legacy?

 Hi, I’m Sarah Layton

My guess is you’re here because you are an established service provider that’s serious about scaling and living up to your full potential but you’re already overwhelmed by the strategies, the content, the clients and the tech and you’re starting to doubt you have what it takes.

Or maybe you heard that I’m the girl that can create done-for-you high-ticket content marketing strategies and packages that turn creators and coaches into category queens?

Either way…I’m dying to show you how possible it is to scale with soul.

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The Secret Society of Femme Fatale Freelancers

Bid farewell to the unpredictability of freelance work. In this program, you’ll learn how to transform your most successful services into captivating digital products like planners and templates. This strategic shift will enable you to scale your business passively, creating multiple streams of recurring monthly revenue through an online store or membership site.

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Meet your Coach

You’re Ready To Take This Seriously…

There’s no denying your brilliance and talent but let’s be honest…

The clarity and the confidence that you have when it comes to working with your clients seems to vanish into thin air when it comes to scaling your own brand…

You obviously know what it takes to make your clients happy and get that cash app ringing but you don’t have the time or desire to spend endless hours doubting yourself over every creative direction decision.

You’re ready to have an educated sounding board that understands what it’s like to be a woman like you and can deliver magical clarity when it comes to your blind spots around your messaging, marketing, branding, pricing, positioning, mindset, behavioral patterns and sustainable growth strategies.

You’re SO over the glittery gurus that put themselves on a pedestal and you’re ready to work with a coach that can see you for the genius that YOU are.

Let Me Show You My Divine Feminine Formula

After working with hundreds of clients and companies big and small over the last decade one thing has always been true…

It doesn’t matter how much money or fancy strategies, or time or training you have…

If you don’t have the right mindset, you’re going to go bankrupt.

When I decided to rebrand my business, I wanted to formulate a way for Wildly Creative Women like me to approach the more intimidating aspects of mindset management in a whimsical way…

I wanted to set them up for success and independence and growth while empowering them as leaders, too…

What I developed was my Scale With Sirenity Method, which incorporates Jungian Psychology and the Four Wild Woman Archetypes to make it fun and freeing for women to overcome their limiting beliefs and scale their business with soul.

Because trust me, life is too short to build an empire just for profits. You deserve to be fulfilled, embodied, and blissfully balanced.

Scale With Sirenity To Category Queen Status


No business strategy, marketing tactic, or operating capital will make a difference if you are not safely anchored in self-awareness. As the owner/operator of a creative-based business nurturing the fuck out of yourself and your mindset is non-negotiable. I’ll show you how to make it downright whimsical.


Imagine waking up without inbox anxiety or dreading that next client call or worried that what you’re working on won’t make a difference and fulfill you in the end. When your offer suite, schedule and client base are aligned with your chosen purpose and multi-passionate personality,  the real magic starts to happen.


Once you’re grounded, systemized, automated & streamlined we can transform your winning message into a movement capable of creating real widespread change. Meanwhile, you’re going to be savoring the sweet simple pleasures you’ve earned like spontaneous trips and walks in the woods. 

done for you services

Leverage, Liberation & Legacy Creating Content Marketing Services

Done With You Content Marketing Strategies

If I have learned anything over the last decade in digital marketing, its that there is no “magic wand” that anyone can wave to give you sustainable over night success. 

You can have the long term or the short term.

My clients choose the long term. 

My clients choose legacy.

They’re ready to ditch all the shiny objects and get serious about creating an unbreakable bond with their audience through content that lays the foundation for sustainable success. 

They’re ready to claim the throne as the Category Queen of their niche.

They’re ready to take action…they just need the right strategy. 

That’s where I come in.

Done For You Content Creation Packages

From flagship courses and group coaching programs to entire membership sites and immersive retreat programming, I will use behavioral psychology and a decade of experience writing and selling thousands of programs to set you apart from the crowd.

My cutting-edge content is optimized with my expertise in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Jungian behavioral psychology, and UX to deliver an immersive experience that creates lifelong fans and customers.

Once you experience the ease of launching your sold-out offers without the overwhelm of content creation you’ll be hooked! The only question is…what do you want me to create for you first?


Testimonials from my Clients & Customers

The Programs

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The Secret Society of Femme Fatale Freelancers


 The Premium Strategic Annual Coaching Membership for women ready to scale their freelance business and live up to their potential. Leveraging my experience, done for you library of templates, referral network and my Signature Divine Feminine Self Management Systems, you’re finally going to be free to create your legacy.


The Secret Garden of Femme Fatale

Sales Funnels



Canva Land Adventure is a Candy Land themed Canva optimization challenge designed specifically for overwhelmed digital creators like you, who need a fast, simple, and fun way to tame their chaotic Canva accounts.

What’s On Sale This Month

Daily Productivity Planners


Stop wasting time on tasks that will never matter and optimize your work flow using this whimsical watercolor mermaid daily planner that will instantly streamline your focus and priorities. “Hello again time-freedom how I’ve missed you so!”

The Creative B2B Business Plan


I know you think writing a business plan has to be lame but you haven’t tried my Scale with Sirenity method. With this whimsical approach you can quickly create a comforting plan to follow to building the life you’re chasing.

The Leadership Playbook


There’s no denying that leadership is one of the most challenging aspects of scaling your creative service-based business. This Lifesaver Playbook makes Leadership approachable and whimsical at the same time.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What kind of coaching do you provide for B2B creatives, freelancers, and service-providers?

A: I offer holistic services and modalities to assist my creative B2B clients in positioning themselves and their businesses to scale in a sustainable way. From done-for-you systems that you can implement to streamline your operations to expanding your capacity to hold, do, and become more; I will empower you to step into your full-potential in a wild and whimsical way.

In both life and business, there are seasons. To honor this sacred passage of time and provide maximum impact to the women I feel called to serve in this journey, my offers for coaching packages, retainers, and product bundles will change with the seasons. This allows me to provide the right type of support for you in the various seasons of life and business that you will experience.

Q: What is your coaching style when working with female freelancers, service providers and creatives?

A: I am not interested in telling you what to do all day, being your Mommy, being put on a pedestal or teaching you how to be me. My role in our coaching is to operate more like a magic mirror allowing you to see yourself fully, and honestly with an open and forgiving heart while empowering you to master your craft and prove to yourself that what you have been searching for all these years has been within you all along. In one session, you will have an expanded, synchronistic vision for your future with a vivid emotional pull towards bringing it to life.

Q: Do you offer in-person coaching on or do you offer virtual packages as well?

A: I am available for both in-person coaching, workshops, roundtable discussions, speaking gigs, retreat enhancing events, etc. Feel free to reach out to me via email and pitch your idea. If I have the capacity and believe we are in synchronicity with our visions/missions I say we make it happen!

Q: I’m in a rush to get results and money isn’t a problem but time is a MAJOR one. Can you help me to grow out of my own way in a hurry so I can meet my deadline?

A: Yes! First I need to know more about your unique situation but from there I can offer single coaching sessions tailored to your needs, Mini-VIP Days for larger challenges and VIP Days when the shit is going to hit the fan if you don’t take action now and you’re unwilling to let yourself fail at overcoming this challenge. Email me and if I have the capacity and we are a match I will get you booked ASAP (I reserve 911 time on my calendar for this).

Q: What does my Wild Woman archetype have to do with building my B2B business and why is it so vital to scaling without the burnout?

A: Your archetype is going to tell us both everything we need to know about why your life has turned out this way so far, why you do the things you do, why you make the choices that you do in life and business, and what stories are influencing your decisions on a completely unconscious level. This practice of getting to know ourselves on an intimate and honest level allows us to break through new levels of personal development, growth, creativity and joy. It also tells us exactly how, when, and why you’re going to get in your own way when trying to scale so we can get ahead of and prevent it from happening. Head to the blog where you can learn more about how to embody each of the four Wild Woman archetypes of Jungian Psychology to scale a creative B2B business with pure bliss.

Q: How do I know If I am ready to scale my creative service-based business without burning out?

A: The best way to tell if you’re ready to scale is with a complimentary business audit which you can book via my calendar here. 

Q: Will you speak to my audience about your story and what it takes to scale a creative-based venture with soul, sirenity, and synchronicity so that you know you’re on the right path at all times?

A: Do you have a mastermind, podcast, YouTube channel or event coming up and you’re struggling to find a fresh voice with no BS?  Hell yeah I love to spread whimsy and wonder by teaching women all over the world how to turn toward their intuition for inspiration, freedom, and security because I believe we are the strongest beings alive when we wake up to our inner power. I am an open book when it comes to collaboration and speaking opportunities so send me your pitch and your budget and let’s make your next event even more magical than your guests knew it could be!

Q: Do you collaborate with brands, influencers, coaches, and competitors?

A: Well duh you silly pants! I know, like you do, that the best way to spread any message is to embrace competitors as collaborators to create a more cohesive offer and comprehensive experience for our shared customer. It’s no traffic secret these days that when we team up to create something that encompasses the best of what we both bring to the table that everybody wins and I think the world needs a few more Win-Win-Win situations don’t you?