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The Strategic Course Creation Planner


Plan out your course roadmap & create evergreen courses to replace or upsell your 1X1 services. Simply follow this streamlined process to create your course without the months of chaos.

The Strategic Course launch Planner


Get your course ready for the spotlight with this streamlined launch planner designed to eliminate the anxiety and guesswork that usually comes with launching a course.

The Inner Odyssey Journal for Creatives


Feel like you’re just going through the mostions of life and business lately? This 73 page guided journal for creatives stuck in a rut will allow you to form a deeper connection with yourself to nourish your creative confidence.

Showcase Your Brilliance Planner for Solopreneurs


Whether you are starting a new business or pivoting your existing one, this planner will gracefully guide you through the process of extracting the right messaging to position yourself as the right fit for your ideal clients.

The Seductive Storyteller Novel Writing Planner


Not only will this comprehensive planner keep you motivated and organized throughout the entire writing process but it will give you confidence and save you valuable time so you aren’t constantly second-guessing what you’re writing.

The Freelancer’s Purpose, Passion & Persistence Journal


Struggling to commit to your freelance goals and stay consistent? This journal will uncover your blind spots in business while cultivating the confidence you need to scale your freelance business in a sustainable way.

Finding My True North 90-Day Journal


Through Daily Prompts, Reflective Activities, and a Self-Accountability Tracker, this 90-day journal is designed to guide you toward a deeper, more fulfilling understanding of yourself. Perfect for recovering from comparing yourself to competitors!

The Reflection & Reconnection Inner Child Journal


When you depend on your creative skillset to pay your bills you can’t afford to let your creativity dull. Use this journal to access your inner child and expand your creativity in playful ways you’ve never imagined.

Client Outcome Sales Formula


Frustrated with stagnant sales? Worried you’ll waste time creating offers that will never sell? Leverage these sales worksheets to take your digital product suite from cold-to-sold with the prowess of a Femme Fatale Freelancer.

Your Year In Review Reflection Journal


Start off the New Year with a sense of pride and power with the Your Year In Review Journal! This is the perfect prew-work for writing your annual business plan and making the most of every win from the past 12 months growing your freelance business.

Dreams to Diamonds Bundle


Transform your brightest aspirations into achievements with this annual business planning bundle designed to help you create a longterm plan for growth following an immersive storyline following a Sage Dreamer from our Secret Society Saga.