8 Reasons It’s Easier For Divine Feminine Freelancers To Scale Recurring Revenue

Are you an established female freelancer looking for a fun competitive advantage over artificial intelligence and the growing field of competitors entering the already crowded market?

Look no further because I am a creative business coach that incorporates Divine Feminine principals to empower my clients to grow their own service-based businesses with soul and serenity.


1. Nurturing Relationships Comes Naturally

Without the ability to nurture relationships, you’re doomed my darling. Clients, collaborators, team members, subcontractors, and referral partnerships all depend on your ability to nurture your relationships in a way that moves the needle for you.

The benefit of embracing the divine feminine approach to become stronger at nurturing the relationships that power your business?

Divine feminine qualities often include compassion, empathy, and the ability to connect deeply with others. These qualities can obviously help you build strong relationships with clients and beyond, leading to long-term partnerships and repeat business.

If you’re shy or introverted, working with divine feminine rituals and energetics can go a long way to help you approach this stressful but necessary part of growing your business.

2. Tapping Into Intuitive Decision Making

As you begin incorporating rituals and shadow work into your daily routine to become more in touch with your divine feminine powers, you will become increasingly more in touch with your intuition or inner wisdom. This is one of the most profound treasures along the divine feminine journey.

The more you nurture your relationship with your intuition and build upon that self-trust, the better you will become at making wise and strategic decisions quickly. You will also learn to embrace failure and self-forgiveness so when things don’t go according to your plans, you won’t get derailed anymore.


3. Embracing A Holistic Approach For Sustainability

The divine feminine perspective emphasizes taking a holistic approach to all endeavors, promoting balance and well-being over shallow achievements. This can be extremely challenging if you have been strongly conditioned under the toxic thought patterns and beliefs of the patriarchy because you’re so conditioned to value yourself based on the value of your work which throws everything off balance.

By working with a divine feminine creative business coach like myself, or taking a course on embodying your divine feminine powers, you can overcome the limiting beliefs that make it so difficult for most freelancers to take a holistic and sustainable approach.

One of the most powerful examples of the value of taking a holistic approach is your Signature Offer Suite. When you’re in touch with your divine feminine power it will be almost too easy to design your entire offer suite to maximize the lifetime value of every single client and customer. That’s because your holistic perspective will enable you to empathize with multiple angles of a single buyer problem to create a proactive and actionable solution that becomes your next bestseller.

4. Competitive Creativity and Innovation

Want to leave your competition in the dust while being known as a must-follow thought leader in your niche?

Desperate to safeguard your freelance business against the potential threats of AI?

Want to always stay ahead of the curve; branding yourself as cutting-edge?

Embodying your divine feminine archetype and energy is going to empower you to do just that!

I don’t normally believe in promoting “quantum leaps” in business because they’re usually as long-lasting and sustainable as a fad diet. However, if you want to quantum leap your creativity, divine feminine work is second-to-none in my opinion.

Let’s face it sister, in this day and digital age, only the fastest and most innovative survive long enough to thrive.

Very few of the women that are carving out a market for themselves will ever reach six figures of recurring, mostly passive income. Even fewer are able to sustain that success because they don’t have a practical method for balancing everything the way divine feminine freelancers do.

So if you’re determined to give yourself an edge that will have you innovating like Apple and Disney, begin by getting to know your divine feminine archetype.

5. Authenticity and Authority

Divine feminine freelancers have a natural ability to establish an authentic personal brand that exudes authority. Their genuine and transparent approach to their work builds trust and credibility with clients. By embracing their true selves and staying true to their values, they attract clients who resonate with their authentic voices and offerings. This authenticity creates a strong connection and fosters long-lasting relationships that become the backbone of your business.

6. Drawing Profitable Boundaries

If you are not skilled at knowing when, where, how, and why to draw boundaries around yourself and your business, you’re never going to be able to scale it beyond where it is now. I can confidently promise you after working with, coaching, and consulting with hundreds of clients in numerous industries, over nearly a decade that boundaries are a pre-requisite to creating or scaling a sustainable business.

One of the core tenants of divine feminine values is boundaries and as you do this work, you will quickly notice your ability to draw profitable boundaries for yourself. For example, clear-cut boundaries around client communications and expectations, working hours, passion projects, and self-care alone will completely revolutionize how your business feels on a daily basis.

My clients, many of whom are the Rebel Maiden archetype or Queen Mother, struggle with setting boundaries because they are either people-pleasers or they are trying to prove their significance and value by doing everything for others. These insecurities and compulsive self-destructive behaviors can be dug out and cured with divine feminine practices that allow boundary setting to come more naturally and comfortably. The result? A massive increase in productivity, progress, focus, and happiness.

7. Overseeing Orgasmic Operations

Before you embody your divine feminine archetype to understand your own behavioral patterns and their impact on your business, it’s possible that your daily operations are a mess.

I say this only from personal experience within my own company and the companies I’ve worked with over the years. I’m not passing any judgment here; just emphasizing the fact that how you operate your company will dramatically improve once you embrace the divine feminine within.

You will no longer feel the need to be needed by your business and clients which will make it much easier for you to implement strategic systems throughout your business, onboard and train new team members, and oversee the day-to-day operations of your business without wearing all the hats and doing all the jobs yourself.

I’m sorry…did someone say time-freedom?!

No it’s not an urban freelancer myth!

You really can have high-octane recurring income, clients you love, time for passion projects, a fabulous social life and ample time for you…if you simply learn the art of surrender through divine feminine work.

8. Emotionally Empowered Leadership

Embodying your divine feminine archetype sets you up for emotionally empowered leadership, acting as a catalyst for sustainable and fulfilling future growth. By embracing compassion, empathy, and intuition, you tap into a powerful leadership style that positively impacts your team and business environment.

As an emotionally empowered leader, you prioritize your team’s well-being, fostering a supportive and inclusive culture that boosts employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity. By empathizing with clients, you create meaningful connections and tailored solutions, driving loyalty and attracting new opportunities for growth.

Do You Want Your Work To Matter?

If you’re anything like me and my clients, you didn’t actually begin freelancing and selling your creative services to get mega-rich. There was something more in it for you.

Sure the time-freedom is a thing and the uncapped earning potential is also pretty sexy.

But if you’re established and have been around for more than a couple of years, you already know that those are not enough to scale and sustain a business that makes a difference.

If you’re still reading this I am willing to bet that you actually have a huge heart and you actually dream of your creations being leveraged into a much bigger vision and mission than…this.

I’m willing to go out on a limb and bet that you’re hoping to be part of something bigger than yourself and you have spent more than a moment or two daydreaming about leaving a legacy of real change. Hell…maybe you even dream about leading an entire movement with your message.

Which means, you’re open-minded to the idea that to get to new levels in your business that you’ve never reached before, you’re going to need a new approach that takes your existing circumstances, skill set, and psychology into account. That approach begins with embracing your divine feminine within.