Scaling a business is like embarking on a wild and exhilarating adventure. It’s a journey that requires audacity, boldness, and a touch of whimsy. But here’s the secret ingredient that many women work very hard to subconsciously avoid or overlook – surrender.

When you’re first starting out in your business you need to have a firm grip over everything and be in total control. But as your business begins to really sprout legs and take off, it becomes increasingly important that you release more and more control and surrender both logistically and spiritually.

When you spiritually surrender to a higher power, any higher power at all, it removes the pressure and allows you to release your “need” to have control over everything because you will begin believing that everything will work out for you. The more small consistent actions you take in alignment with that mindset, the more you and your company will flourish.

Unleash Creative Chaos

Embracing your higher power will truly allow you to surrender your false sense of control and from there, you can really begin embracing some creative chaos in your business to spark even more unexpected growth. Break free from rigid structures and unleash your imagination by implementing rituals for structure rather than rigid routines. Embrace the audacious ideas, unconventional approaches, and whimsical concepts that defy the norm. Surrender to the creative chaos, and I promise you will be overwhelmed with gratitude as you watch your business thrive like never before.

Embrace Eccentricity

Don’t be afraid to be eccentric!

I always like to say that I am nothing if not distinctive and what is more distinctive than being eccentric?

It might sound counter-intuiting when we are talking about scaling a serious business, but seriously, embracing a dash of the difference is what’s going to help you stand out and shred your marketing overhead.

When you surrender to the realization that what makes you different is often what makes you profitable, you can step out of your insecurities and cultivate a community around meaningful mutual connections.


Profitable Journaling Prompts For Embracing Surrender In Your Service-Based Business

Embracing the Unknown: Reflect on a recent situation where you had to surrender to the unknown. How did it feel to release control and trust the process? What fears or resistance did you experience, and how did you overcome them? Journal about the lessons learned and the personal growth that came from surrendering to the unknown.

Letting Go of Expectations: Explore an area of your life or business where you feel attached to specific outcomes or expectations. How does this attachment limit your potential and create unnecessary stress? Journal about the benefits of surrendering and releasing these expectations. How can surrendering open up space for new possibilities and unexpected opportunities?

Trusting the Journey: Think about a time when you trusted the journey and surrendered to the flow of life or business. What positive outcomes or experiences emerged from that surrender? How did it enhance your sense of trust in yourself and the universe? Journal about the importance of trusting the journey and how you can cultivate more trust in your personal and professional endeavors.

Surrendering Control: Consider an area of your life or business where you tend to hold onto control tightly. How does this desire for control impact your overall well-being and effectiveness? Reflect on the benefits of surrendering control and allowing things to unfold naturally. Journal about strategies you can employ to loosen your grip and embrace surrender in this area.

Releasing Resistance: Think about a situation or challenge where you feel resistance or struggle. How does this resistance hinder your progress and growth? Journal about the concept of surrendering resistance and explore ways to release it. What mindset shifts or actions can you take to surrender resistance and invite ease and flow into the situation?

Surrendering Self-Imposed Limitations: Identify any self-imposed limitations or beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your full potential. How do these limitations impact your personal or professional growth? Journal about the power of surrendering these limitations and stepping into your true potential. What steps can you take to let go of these self-imposed boundaries and embrace a more expansive mindset?

Surrendering to Self-Care: Reflect on your self-care practices and how well you are prioritizing your well-being. Are there areas where you need to surrender more and give yourself permission to rest, recharge, and nourish yourself? Journal about the importance of surrendering to self-care and explore ways to incorporate more self-nurturing activities into your daily routine.