As a freelancer determined to scale your established client base into recurring revenue, there are few tools that you will encounter that have the ROI potential as a journal. It may sound crazy or counter-intuitive at first, but this collection of journaling prompts will empower freelancing Queens to leverage their best-selling services into digital products that sell out in advance!

So grab a pen and your favorite journal from the Scaling With Soul shop or any notebook and start working through these journaling prompts and reflections.

You may want to bookmark the page, print the prompts out, or Pin this page for safekeeping before you begin. My creative business coaching clients love to do all of the prompts in one big session for a deep-introspective journaling session during times of major change or some turn them into a daily practice taking the prompts one at a time.

Why Convert Your Bestselling Services Into Products

As an entrepreneur attempting to scale a service-based B2b business, your first priority is to establish diversified revenue streams that offset your risk and reduce the need for you to be present in the business. This is never, ever, ever going to work if the business relies on you being active and present to operate. You need to fortify your operations to run smoothly and streamlined whether you’re able to work or not.


You also need sales and revenue coming in every day in order to empower your growth. But there are so many hours in the day so there is a definite limit to how much you can scale your services without hiring a massive team which can’t happen overnight anyway.

So what’s the answer to scaling a service-based business without working more?

Convert your best-selling services into digital products that increase the average lifetime value of every customer while providing a more comprehensive offer suite that intuitively addresses the most profitable problems of your target clients.

For example, when I was selling real estate blog post packages as a service; I could create an entirely digital product suite around SEO, writing and marketing blog posts for massive passive profits which would allow me to focus on serving the clients I truly cared about because my bills were getting paid by that passive product suite.

Another example would be a high-ticket branding photographer creating stock photo bundles that she licenses through a membership site or a graphic designer that creates packages of social media posts. All of these are services that can be easily converted into products to serve a larger customer base in a more comprehensive way.

Journaling Prompts For Finding Your Bestselling Offers

What Are Your Most Requested Services?

Think about the services you currently offer as a bestselling B2B freelancer. Which of these services are in high demand? Consider the ones that consistently attract clients and generate positive feedback. Journal about why these services are popular and how they provide value to your clients. What is the transformation that you provide during this service? How is your clients’ company different after working with you as opposed to before?

Review Your Unique Selling Points and Blue Ocean

Are you still hunting in a blue ocean niche or has the market become over-saturated? What are your unique selling points within your niche? Reflect on your unique expertise and knowledge within your industry. What specific skills or insights do you possess that differentiate you from competitors? Journal about the expertise that makes your services stand out and how you can leverage it to create valuable digital products.

Journaling Prompts For Converting Your Bestselling Services Into Digital Products

Reflect on Client Feedback: Take a moment to reflect on the feedback you have received from your clients regarding your current services. What aspects do they appreciate the most? What specific results or benefits have they mentioned? Journal about the recurring themes and patterns in their feedback, and how these insights can guide you in selecting services to repurpose into digital products.

Assess Scalability and Market Demand: Consider the scalability of your current services and the market demand for them. Which services have the potential to be scaled and offered to a larger audience through digital products? Journal about the services that can be easily adapted to a digital format and have a broader appeal in the market. Consider the potential benefits of reaching a wider audience and the demand for these services in the digital realm.

Explore Transformational Potential: Reflect on the transformational potential of your services. Which services have the ability to create a significant impact and provide lasting value to your clients? Journal about the services that empower clients to achieve meaningful transformations or solve pressing problems. Consider how these services can be repurposed into digital products like courses, templates, or tools that offer a similar level of transformation and value.

Your Secret Sauce Revealed: You know those things that set your bestselling service apart from the rest? Those secret ingredients that make your clients swoon with joy? Well, it’s time to use them to make something truly special! Grab your journal and write about those powerful aspects of your service that you know will make it an amazing digital product. How can you showcase them in a new and exciting way that will have your clients raving? Get wild, get bold, and never forget to keep it clear and empathetic – your clients will love you for it!