What if I told you there is a really simple way of understanding your own behavior and psychology and how both of them directly impact your bottom line…would you be curious?

Now what if I told you that this stunningly simple method for recognizing yourself would make it easy to know instantly:

  • who to target
  • what kind of offers to create
  • who you should work with,
  • Who you should avoid at all costs
  • What to say to get what you want in a mutually-beneficial way

Would you be open-minded to the idea that this method is not only simple, scientific, and whimsical but that it can completely change the way you see your world for the better forever?

Welcome to the enthralling and awakening world of Jungian Psychology and the Wild Woman archetypes; The Sage Dreamer, The Rebel Maiden, The Queen Mother, and The WIld Enchantress. Odds are you have the heard of “brand archetypes” before in various contexts but if you’re anything like most people you have no idea what the fuck they actually are or that they can be used like a little black book for decoding all of life’s mysteries.

Archetypes are sets of unconscious behavioral patterns that reveal our inner most strengths, weaknesses, core desires and fears. Carl Jung, a dear friend and colleague of Sigmund Freud was the first to begin documenting the archetypes but since, women like Dr. Clarissa Pinkola, PhD have gone on to perform powerful research about the female archetypes in particular and their immense power over the world.

I had no idea either until a few years ago when I began pivoting from my real estate media company to working with female freelancers, coaches, and creatives looking to scale without losing their sanity in the process that it would take me down such a deeply scientific road.

What I discovered is that these four Wild Woman archetypes which serve as the backbone for all modern storytelling have the power to heal multigenerational wounds among women (and men) and illuminate the safest path forward towards true fulfillment and joy not just in our work but in our relationships with others…and most importantly ourselves.

That is why I developed all of my signature methods including my Scale With Sirenity Method around Jungian Psychology and the four wild woman archetypes because I wanted everyhing to feel as though it was custom made for you and speaks to the inner-most depth of your soul and psychology. I wanted to create a safe space for women to lay a firm emotional foundation for their business before they attempt to scale it and after so they can hold the success they’ve created for themselves.

If you have been spinning your wheels trying to scale your service-based business and you’re growing exhausted trying to reach that level, this post is the first step to overcoming your invisible obstacle. Read through each archetype and identify which one you are to reveal the best strategy for you to scale your business with bliss.

The Sage Dreamer

The most rare and valuable in many ways, the Sage Dreamer (Crone) thrives in the Winter Season and is a symbol of wisdom. Sage Dreamers are warm, gentle, comforting, wise, empathetic, emotional, peace-loving, solitude, seeking daydreamers that would much rather fantasize and research and read and learn than anything. They are driven to share their wisdom with the world and those they love and they are always happy to help or offer wisdom to a friend.


They do NOT want to help you move and they are NOT the ones to call if you have a tech problem. But if you are looking for a friend to nurse you through a break-up with a weekend of bing-watching tv or hiding away at a yoga retreat…the Sage Dreamer is your girl!


How The Sage Dreamer Archetype Helps You Scale Your Business

My darlings, Oprah is a Sage Dreamer so before you go trying to use the Sage’s more laxidasical and “lazy” tendencies as an excuse to stay small…think again. The Sage Dreamer is more than capable of scaling beyond the moon and stars if she aligns herself with the right people strategically and commit to their mission the way Oprah has.


One of the most common reasons entrepreneurs faceplant and bankrupt themselves when trying to scale their service-based business is they fail to properly execute and respect the research and development phase of their products, services, and offers. They have an idea and then they just spring forward in ture “move fast and break shit” fashion and they give themselves whipllash because they aren’t psychologically built anything like Zuckerbuerg.


There is nobody more talented or valuable in a company when it comes to the research and development phase than the Sage. She is like a Queen’s most trusted advisor. She’s calm, regulated, and responsive rather than reactive. She knows how to take in data and develop it into a solution with sophisticated elegance and she makes it possible for the sales, branding, and marketing teams to do their job with confidence.


The Sage also reminds us of the value of rest and renewal. If you’re anything like most women, your body doesn’t operate on the patriarchy’s bullshit M-F 9-5 schedule. That’s because women’s bodies are designed to naturally sync with the moon (just like the ocean tides) which has a drastic impact on our energy and productivity and focus levels throughout the month. During the Winter Months, (Q1) is when The Sage Dreamer is most herself and hibernating to focus on learning, reading, resting, renewal and research. If you are going to do research, take a long vacation, take a course or get a certification at any time during the year this is when you should be doing so; regardless of what archetype you are. It is in these months that we pour the foundation for scaling our bestsellers later in the year.

The Rebel Maiden

The Rebel Maiden is a breathe of fresh air, she is magnetic, engimatic, captivating, brace, bold, unapologetic, and fiercly creative. Rebels step into their power during the Spring Ostara season which starts to peak in early April with the Pink Moon cycle. When it comes to vision, problem, solving, speaking up for what’s right, scaling and strategy the Rebel Maiden is an unstoppable force of nature.


Rebels are silly and fun and playful and if you are looking for a friend that will help you tap into your inner child and be totally yourself without judgement; a Rebel Maiden is your best friend (in her light side). Just be careful because when they slip into their shadow side without knowing it they become competitive with other women, needy, clingy, insecure and even destructive.

How The Rebel Maiden Archetype Helps You Scale Your Business

Ummmm how does the Rebel Maiden NOT help you scale your busines?! Okay, perhaps I am biased because I am one but the truth is Rebel Maidens are essential to scaling any brand or business that relies on creative output.


Even in her competitive shadow side, the Rebel with her superpower of vision can be directed to target your competition and enemies strategically better than anyone else you will find. However, she is far more powerful when you use her to create your brand strategy, your marketing, strategy, your content strategy, your messaging and copy, your creative direction in general.


She is a genius at repurposing, planning, batch creation and she has more golden goose ideas in her pinky than most families will have in a generation. Spoil her with simple pleasures, trust and protect her freedom of expression, and set her loose on your brand to take it to heights you never imagined remotely possible. She can see you’re potential so much better than you can.

The Queen Mother

Once you’ve poured your foundation in the Winter with the Sage and brought your research and strategic creative to life launching new offers in the Spring, it’s time to step into your power in the Summer with the Queen Mother archetype. Charismatic, confident, indeoendent and strong, The Queen is a natural-born leader.


These are the no-nonesense, give you the tough love kick in the butt types of friends that want the best for you and challenge you to be your best self. Queens can be mothers but dont need human children to be; they just need a way to exercise their nurturing spirit wihich begins with nurturing the self.

How The Queen Mother Archetype Helps You Scale Your Business

If you are looking to step into the CEO role in your business with prowess, razor-sharp decision making abilities rooted in instinct and the abilitiy to cultivate a community built on respect, its time for the Queen to take the throne!


The Queen is all about systems, operations, organization, sales, and nurturing.


She is the one that will take what the Sage and the Rebel have created and actually execute the fuck out of it!


She is the one you call when you want something done.


She is the one that will get your buyers from low-ticket tire-kicking to high-ticket repeat buyers.


She is the one that breeds loyalty along an audience. She is the one that excels at hiring and training and forming strategic alliances that can propel a brand into new categories and tax brackets.

The WIld Enchantress

Nobody is more alluring, more captivating, more intoxicating than the Wild Enchatnress and her mystical, magical powers.


Want to start a revolution? The Wild Enchantress can lead it.


Want to syndicate your messaging through mass media? The Wild Enchatress can steal you the spotlight.


Want to disrupt, dominate, and dfy conventional society’s way of doing things? You’re going to need The WIld Enchantress to do it.


Sadly, The WIld Enchantress is often a black sheep in society, among peers, and most painfully, in her own family. The thing about the WIld Enchantress is that her powers are so intoxicating that it can make many people uncomfortable or uneasy.


The character Samantha from Sex and the City is an excellent representation of this archteype and her eventual fued with Carrie (the Rebel Maiden) is a really well illustrated example of the way relationships between these two archetypes almost always play out.

To me, the most interesting thing about the Wild Enchantress is how badly each of the other archetypes admire her and wish they could be her…so much so that they mis-identify themselves as her; wishing it to be true. Experts across many scientific fields from psychology to anthrolopogy would agree that this is most likely due to centuries of patirarchal opression of the Wild Woman that truly lives within all females.


Remember, Fatal Attraction? That’s what an injured Wild Woman looks like and you don’t want her as an enemy because few survive it and usually the only way to stop her is to really defeat her.

How The Wild Enchantress Archetype Helps You Scale Your Business

To really reach the ceilling of what you can do and be, you can’t avoid The Wild Enchantress within. In fact, the more that you repress your inner Wild Woman, the more other areas of your life and business will spin out of control in dangerous ways.


Once you have a fully developed offer suite with bestsellers in each phase of the buyer’s journey thanks to the Sage’s research, The Rebel’s strategies, and The Queen’s nurturing you can cross the finish line with the Enchantress’ magic. She is the one that will allow you to amass a highly engaged and active audience ready to follow you into the movement you’re creating with passion and enthusiasm.


If you can make a Wild Woman in her light side the spokesperson for your brand you will be busier than you can comprehend. Leverage her natural powers of seduction to draw in the big-name partnerships, slay that TedX talk and leave a legacy that lasts generations.

Building Your Business Around Your Archetype & The Seasons

One of my core values is to follow the seasons; the seasons of life, of relationships and of business. Since I abandoned the patriarchy’s schedule and rebuilt my business around my archetype (Rebel Maiden) by aligning myself with the right types of clients, offers and collaborators based on that profile everything just started happening.

Everyting that had once been a struggle just fell into place.


Mental blocks cleared.

My energy exploded.

My capacity expanded.

My confidence soared.

My relationships deepened.

My inner critic retired.

Passive income flowed.


I could go on forever here with they ways in which embodying each of these archetypes in their respective seasons has allowed me to see myself clearly for the first time in my life and finally make decisions from a grounded and healed place of self love and trust.


This is powerful, transformative, deeply meaningful work that will truly unlock life’s most puzzling mysteries. However, this journey of self-discovery and becoming who you were always meant to be is not for the faint of heart. It will hurt at times and it will be challenging in others but I have also found it to be the most efficient, pleasurable and effective method for building a life and a business that brings you bliss.


If you are interested in learning more about the WIld Woman Archetypes and how you can embody each one of them in each season to scale your brand or business with less resistance, reach out or book a call with me. Until then, introduce yourself in the comments and tell me which archetype you are and what kind of business you have or want to start.