Evergreen blogs are hands down one of the most valuable assets and most powerful marketing tools you will ever have. Thanks to Google’s new algorithm changes for 2024, blogging just became one of the most effective marketing strategies again with insane ROI potential.

In fact, I’m leading the charge of female service providers who are dumping social media to focus on our own website instead.


Because when you refocus the time, money, energy and attention you’re currently wasting on socials and invest it into your website instead, you will quickly realize what you’ve been missing.

However, I also know that many female freelancers and service providers are just now waking up to the vast value of leveraging a blog’s SEO to organically scale your business. So I am taking you behind the scenes as I revise, optimize, and repurpose an evergreen blog post so you can get the best possible ROI out of every post you write.

The best part?

You can use this free workshop to train a VA to optimize and repurpose your evergreen blogs for you! Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can continue to get notified when I drop the next free workshop to help you scale with soul.