Booking media interviews is an exciting event for female entrepreneurs but unfortunately, most of them have no idea how to leverage their interview for maximum value after its posted.


Earlier this week, I was thrilled when my friend Kristin Delfau from Her Money Solutions emailed to let me know that she had booked not one but two interviews with Bloom, a local news show targeting women. Kristin’s mission is to remove the shame around all things money for women and empower them to make proactive decisions that lead to financial freedom.


She wrote asking if I had any tips or tricks to help her not only leverage the media interview for her website’s SEO but for additional interviews, referrals and leads for her Signature Offer Suite. I was just going to rattle off a voice note until I realized you might be curious about how to repurpose media interviews for more exposure as well.


So if you’ve been interviewed anywhere in the media and you want to get the maximum value out of that asset, you’re in the right place! Make sure you subscribe & pin this post for me so I can afford to continue spilling my biggest content marketing secrets for free. I will also add Kristin’s interview below for reference. Any examples I use in this blog post will refer to the content and context of the interview & it’s extremely valuable information so you should watch anyway.

1. Create Cornerstone Content For Credibility

As a long time blogger that has made 6-figures from blog content I know personally that blogs are among the most lucrative assets any service provider like Kristin can have. Therefore, the blog is the first place I would start.


Turning media interviews into blog posts is a strategic move for Kristen. By transcribing and optimizing the content for SEO, she can attract organic traffic to her website. From threre, linking back to the original news articles not only adds credibility but also boosts her site’s authority. Each blog post she adds becomes a valuable resource, providing in-depth insights into her expertise and industry knowledge.


2. Sparking Social Media Engagement From Media Interviews

Creating social media posts featuring snippets from Kristen’s interviews is a dynamic way to engage her audience. These posts can capture attention and drive traffic back to her website. With strategic use of captions and hashtags, Kristen can increase visibility and encourage interaction with her content. Social media platforms serve as valuable channels for amplifying her message and reaching a broader audience of potential clients.


An easy way to do this if you don’t have a content marketing strategist like me around is to feed the transcript to ChatGPT and ask it to brainstorm ideas for social media posts for you. Here’s a prompt you can steal to get started:


“You are an award-winning social media strategist with 15 years of experience in growing an audience from 0-100K fast by repurposing longform content into addictive bite-sized pieces of social media that women love to binge. Right now you are working on repurposing this media interview (I will give you the transcript) into multiple social media posts designed to spark engagement including carousel posts. Please use the MECE method to extract the most valuable and relatable content from this interview to brainstorm 5 social media posts with a conversational tone.”


Feel free to tweak that prompt to your specifications but it should give you a really strong starting set of posts to work from.


3. Reformat The Questions & Comments Into More Content

Leveraging audience comments and feedback from Kristen’s interviews presents a unique opportunity for content creation. By addressing audience questions and concerns, Kristen can provide valuable insights and establish herself as a trusted authority in her field. Engaging with her audience in this way fosters a sense of community and strengthens the relationship between Kristen and her followers.


4. Enhance Your Speaker Reel

Want to instantly strengthen your speaker reel so you can get booked and paid to speak to audiences filled with soulmate clients? Don’t forget to repurpose your media interview and add it into your speaker reel for additional credibility. This is especially powerful because it shows you are able to shine on stage even through the unexpected questions.


5. Create Graphic Quotes or Infographics

Extracting compelling quotes from Kristen’s interviews and creating visually appealing graphics is another effective way to capture attention on social media. These graphics serve as bite-sized nuggets of wisdom, perfect for sharing and resharing across various platforms. By pairing quotes with eye-catching visuals, Kristen can increase engagement and drive traffic back to her website, where audiences can learn more about her services.


6. Leverage Your Media Interview Into A Lead Magnet

Repurposing interview content into a lead magnet, such as an ebook or whitepaper, provides added value to Kristen’s audience while also growing her email list. By offering valuable resources related to the topics discussed in her interviews, Kristen can attract potential clients and nurture leads. This strategy further establishes Kristen as an authority in her field and positions her as a trusted resource for industry insights and expertise.


Let’s say we wanted to create a simple lead magnet or downloadable from Kristin’s interview with Bloom about teaching kids good money habits. She could repurpose that interview content into products like:

  • A coloring-based savings progress and goal tracker worksheet for kids
  • A checklist of tough money talk topics for teaching kids about money
  • A deck of printable affirmation cards with smart money habits and an affirmation jar worksheet for kids
  • A workbook or journal for the parents to guide them through teaching their kids about money with various activities inside


I could keep going like this forever but I think you get the idea. By creating products like this and pairing them with the interview both assets become stronger and so does her web presence.


7. Repurpose The Interview Soundbites

In most cases, you should be able to extract at least a couple of soundbites from your media interviews. Those soundbites can be added to an endless list of marketing collateral pieces to get maximum ROI out of each interview.


8. Elevate Service Menus & Offerings

Another really easy way for you and Kristin to get the most out of your media interviews is to add them to your service menu. If you are anything like most female service providers you already have your services mapped out on your website and in a downloadable PDF format. Add a link or QR code to each of them to prove to potential clients and referral partners that you are a sought-out expert with a relatable approach.


Take the above interview with Kristin for example. If you had never heard of her before, the interview personalizes her and shows you how warm and approachable she is around the topic of money. She instantly stands out because unlike most people in her field, she instantly puts you at ease rather than shaming you about poor decisions. That makes her much easier to hire, refer, and book for speaking gigs but I couldn’t get that from her service menu alone.


9. Add It To Your Media Page

A media page is another valuable SEO-based asset for any female entrepreneur and its a perfect home for your new interview. However, if you don’t have one and you’re sitting on just one or two interviews, you can add them to your website’s about page until they start to stack up. Don’t be afraid to beef up your media pages with podcast and YouTube interviews; they count.


At the end of the day, media interviews are among the most powerful credibility boosting assets in your arsenal as a female service provider. When it comes to repurposing them, you can do pretty much any and everything you would to repurpose other content you have in that format.

What are your biggest questions when it comes to repurposing media interviews and other video content?

Don’t be shy!

Let me know in the comments and I will give you personalized suggestions based on your situation.